Roadman Confronts Tommy Robinson On Holiday

Ethnonationalists were right all along. Couching your language, concealing your true views and taking photo opportunities with POCs (people of colour) and LGBT people whilst draped in the Israeli flag will not stop regular, and media, folks from calling you a “racist”*

Tommy Robinson intimidated whilst on holiday

Tommy Robinson is proof of this as he was confronted by a man “from the roads” whilst on another holiday. The man called Tommy a “racist” and basically challenged an apprehensive Tommy to speak. Somebody ushered the man “from the roads” away so it was ultimately no more than words.

We wonder if this will be the straw that breaks Tommy Robinson’s back and gets him to talk about demographics and race. Tommy did get his feet wet talking publicly about race in a rant against BLM as statues were being vandalised. He seems to have back-tracked on that and returned to talking about Marxists and Muslims.

Talking about Muslims is much easier than talking about Race and non-British people in the UK. Surely, Tommy does not want 3 million Hongkongers moving to Ireland or Luton even if the majority will not be Muslims?

Jack Sen (Ex BNP) has said the right-wing target Muslims because they can – there’s so little resistance to bash on Muslims in comparison with talking about race and demographics. It’s allowed on many social media platforms and in the MSM to a certain degree. Keith Woods, a keynote speaker at the next Patriotic Alternative conference, has said the media and the establishment in general have a certain allowance for anti-Muslim sentiment. The lucrative financial reward for talking about Muslims is diminishing by the year and that gravy train is running itself into the ground, thus sooner rather than later, many on the right-wing will start branching out. Paul Golding has done so with his very public White Lives Matter t-shirt. Talk of demographics is inching closer to becoming a mainstream talking point. There’s a firm push for old school nationalism of the 80s/90s where nationalists were openly against abortion, demographic replacement and LGBT whilst advocating for their own ethnic identity.

Tommy Robinson’s holiday incident

There’s an unwritten rule that you don’t call out or confront anybody in front of their family. This unwritten rule has been utterly ignored by the chap who confronted Tommy Robinson. In recent weeks, this is the second incident where Tommy Robinson has been visibly shaken and intimidated. The first was in Newham where Tommy looked visibly shaken minutes after a meeting with BLM. Now this.

Tommy must now ask the question whether his rant against the BLM which he backtracked on has come back to bite him on the backside. Even though he backtracked, many POC saw that as incitement and provocation. There were rappers calling Tommy out. The media amplified his rant as it played into the racial game.

There’s always going to be people who see Tommy as racist regardless of how many times he says he is a liberal who just hates radical Muslims. Tommy Robinson’s recent African Nationalist interlocutor, Sa Ra Garvey, has basically accused Tommy of racism and of being a racial nationalist (see video below)

The media will desperately want a representative of Ethno/Racial Nationalism to appear in interviews and panel discussion when more and more Brits start openly declaring themselves as such. At the moment the likes of Mark Collett, Laura Towler, Jayda Fransen, Jim Dowson and Paul Golding are ahead of him in the queue. Who knows what the future will bring though!

*Yes, I’m aware Tommy has purportedly said things which are deemed “racist” in today’s society on twitter and has videoed himself using the word “paki” as well as his infamous comments about Somalis (see Raspect’s presentation 4.35). The purportedly tweets can no longer be verified as Tommy is not on Twitter – those purported comments were made a few years ago. The video clip of him saying the word “paki” was a drunken clip but it’s clear Tommy knows there’s a difference between an Asian man born in Britain and and ethnically Englishman – he says London is no longer an English city. Tommy talks like an ethnonationalist at times but perhaps realises, as of now, it would be career-suicide if he comes out as an open ethnonationalist. Like I say, the money for talking about Muslims is drying up. Richard Spencer has described the anti-Islam movement as dated. The gravy train of just talking about Muslims is running out of steam. In an age of identity politics, people are waiting to see who makes the first move in using white/English as an identity in the British political sphere.

NB Today has been a hard day for Tommy Robinson and his followers. If the video of a man disturbing and intimidating Tommy wasn’t enough to pee on their chips there’s the publishing of an article by Resisting Hate featuring Donna Sexton (a volunteer for Tommy), it’s basically saying she has a conviction for fraud. Not good optics, especially when there’s constant fundraising and donation requests. If people like Shazia Hobbs are ostracised for talking about Jews in the same way as TR News talks about Muslims for then I suspect team Tommy will distance themselves from Donna Sexton if the fraud conviction is proven true.


There are people on Twitter aware of the unwritten rule of not calling somebody out in front of their family. Tommy is getting some sympathy but it seems due to his history of doing similar to people there’s less sympathy. It’s an important reminder that we must all try to treat people how we would like to be treated.

Jake Hepple and a missed opportunity

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